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It’s hard to believe, but our little munchkin is already 4 1/2 weeks old! The days are just zooming by and I have a whole new appreciation for the saying “time flies”. I also have a whole new appreciation and new found respect for all mommies out in the world! Gosh golly, having a baby truly is a full time job – and then some!


Logibear is doing well and has gained close to 3lb already! Nursing is getting less and less painful and we’re slowly but surely starting to find a rhythm in our daily life as a family of three. Well, four, if you count the dog. To be honest though, I’m still sporting the look of PJ’s, no deodorant and crazy bed hair until close to lunchtime!

And because my baby is about to wake up from his nap, I’ll cut today’s post short and just share some pics from his 3 week photo shoot. I guess he better gets used to having a mommy who’s a photographer ๐Ÿ˜‰


He’s such a sweet little one! When he’s not asleep or eating like a champ, he’s all bright eyed and bushy tailed these days. He observes mommy & daddy & doggy sister Leya and investigates curtains, framed pictures on the walls, the beams in the kitchen/dining area or a pillow or blanket with geometric patterns.

He’s really the cutest kid on the block โ™ฅ



It’s funny, the day before Logan was born I felt like I needed to bring some early spring decor into the living room. Call it mommy’s instinct or whatever, I’m glad I listened, because this little man has turned life as we knew it upside down and there hasn’t been any time for decorating since he made his grand entrance ๐Ÿ˜‰

Early Spring Decor by House of Menig

A few weeks ago I blogged about transitioning decor from Winter to Spring and how combining Winter-y whites and greys goes so beautifully well with the more Spring-y hues of pale pink. I love how the TV Credenza turned out – with the one exception of the sorry excuse for a twig of faux greenery! I had planned on picking up a few magnolia branches at Hobby Lobby later that week, but like I said, the next day Logan happened..! LOL

Early Spring Decor by House of MenigEarly Spring Decor by House of MenigEarly Spring Decor by House of Menig

I love the soft color that brightens up our sleep deprived days and adding a wide array of candles reminds of the cold and cozy days that are still to come before warm sunshine takes over New England.

TINY TIP: Elevate a simple and inexpensive block candle by layering a few coasters underneath – I love these marble ones I found at Home Goods.

Early Spring Decor by House of MenigEarly Spring Decor by House of MenigEarly Spring Decor by House of MenigEarly Spring Decor by House of Menig

Next week is Valentine’s Day and what better way to declare your love to your someone special, than by writing your love letter in a handmade card! These DIY Valentine’s Day cards are super easy to make and you can use them for all sorts of occasions like Birthdays, Mother/Father’s Day or simply as Thank You notes.

DIY Valentine

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards – Supplies:

  • 12×12 White Cardstock
  • Scraps of Patterned Paper, Tissue Paper, White Copy Paper & Leftover Fabric
  • Mister Huey Spray (or similar Color Mist sprays or watered down Acrylic Paint)
  • Exactor Knife, Ruler, Cutting Mat
  • Sewing Machine

Step 1

To begin, cut your 12×12 white cardstock paper down to size to create the cards. On one end, cut off 1″ so you’re left with a 12×11 piece of paper. You want to do that so you can use standard size envelopes.

Next, make two 4″ cuts on the 12″ side. Now fold the strips in half and you’ve just created three basic cards!

DIY Valentine

Step 2

To give your cards some whimsical dimension, take your color mist spray, unscrew the top and gently tap your index finger onto the sprayer to create splatters.

DIY Valentine

Step 3

While the splatters are drying, gather your scraps of paper and fabric. Make a template by cutting a small, rectangular piece of paper, fold it and cut a simple half-heart shape at the fold.

Now use your template and repeat the above steps for the white copy paper, tissue paper and fabric scraps. Simply hold down your heart template firmly as you cut around the shape to duplicate similar hearts.

The fabulous thing about this DIY is: your hearts DO NOT have to be perfectly the same! In fact, if they’re a little off and different that’s to be desired as it creates a more whimsical touch!

DIY Valentine

Step 4

Next prepare your heart sandwiches. You can mix and match however you want, but my favorite way is to use the patterned paper on the top with the fabric below, then the tissue paper and lastly the white copy paper.

Firmly hold your sandwich together and place it roughly in the middle of your card front. With your sewing machine sew a straight line down the center of the heart, leaving about 3/4 inch of seam above and below the heart.

DIY Valentine

Step 5

The last step is to embellish and personalize your DIY Valentine’s Day cards! You can use glitter for added details, glue on sequins or stick some half-beads or gems surrounding the heart. Baker’s Twine is also super adorable when tied right around the fold! Let your creativity run free ๐Ÿ™‚

Below you can see an old favorite trick of mine to give the card a bit more dimension. Use an exactor knife and run it along the edges to roughen them up a bit. So easy and yet so pretty!

DIY Valentine

Lastly write your message alongside the heart. I love to make these heart cards and leave the message open and fill in as I’m using and writing a card. This allows me to make it super personal, even including the person’s name if I wish.

DIY Valentine

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial on these DIY Valentine’s Day cards! Happy crafting ๐Ÿ˜€


It’s been 9 months in the making, and now he’s finally here!! Meet our sweet little baby boy L O G A N โ™ฅ

He was born on 1.19.18 and measured 7lb 15oz (3616g) and was 21 1/4″ (54cm) long! Quite the little whopper for the relatively small baby bump I sported!


We had planned a beautiful home birth right here in our own four walls. But Logan’s birth took many twists and turns, and we eventually ended up in the hospital with a required C-section. It was rough, to say the least, and I’m still recovering emotionally. He came into this world with the umbilical cord wrapped twice around his tiny little neck and we are grateful that baby & mommy (as well as daddy) are all safe and sound!

Even though things didn’t go to plan, we were carried through it all and are now proud and happy parents of a perfect little baby boy โ™ฅ Oh my gosh, there’s SO much love!!!

Exactly one week ago we returned home from the hospital. I was a mess, having lost quite a bit of blood, but also carrying the weight of the emotional trauma. We’re taking every day as it comes. Tears, naps, cuddles… It’s all just okay.


Adrian has been my ROCK through it all! He was there holding my hand while they pumped pitocin into my veins,. He was there wiping my tears after they told us we had to do a C-section. He was there praying before they wheeled me into the OR and he put his face right over mine as I uncontrollably shook while they cut into my belly.

And now, he’s a ROCK STAR daddy!! Cleaning messy diapers, purping and rocking baby Logan back to sleep. He’s been my cheerleader as I started to get the hang of nursing (dang, it’s not easy!!) and he’s just such a natural when it comes to – well – being an awesome dad!! Here’s to you my love โ™ฅ



Christmas is over, the days are starting to get longer, but Spring just isn’t quite here yet… It’s this awkward in between time when it comes to decorating, don’t you agree?

While we enjoy the snow storms and wait for the first daffodils to appear (heck, that’s still at least a couple of months away!) I’ve got some lovely ways you can brighten up your winter days with the softest of colors.

Winter to Spring Decor Ideas / House of Menig

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Winter to Spring Decor Ideas – Let’s Talk Colors

Take a handful of grey, sprinkle in some soft blushes and add a few pops of black and brass into the mix. You’ve got an instant transition from dreary Winter tones to warm, early Spring colors. It’s such a lovely transition and as the months progress, you can add stronger pinks or even the occasional bright yellow to make your decor sunshiny and happy. This color scheme, while happy, is still muted enough to beautifully fit into these last Winter months.

Pillows & Decor Pieces – the Instant Switch

Switching out a few pillow cases and adding a handful of new decor pieces instantly gives your home the change of season you’re looking for. That’s what I love so much about keeping our furniture and walls neutral. It’s the most inexpensive way of making small changes with a big impact.

Winter to Spring Decor Ideas / House of Menig

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I personally really love H&M Home. You can raid the site and find really pretty pillow cases for cheap while not having to buy the pillow insert with every new pillow you find at local stores. This saves you money AND space!

Faux Flowers to the Rescue

There is zero shame in adding a bunch of faux flowers! I mean, who doesn’t love a gorgeous bouquet of real, fresh flowers? But we all know how long they last – and how expensive they can be. A great alternative are faux flowers that look amazingly real. Terrain has some gorgeous, although pricy twigs and if you’re looking for a more affordable bunch, check out your local Hobby Lobby.

Winter to Spring Decor Ideas / House of Menig

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Favorites for the early Spring would be Hellebore, Magnolia and maybe some Ranunculus, all in pretty whites and soft pinks. Later in the season you might be tempted to switch them out with Tulips and Daffodils!

…and Don’t Forget the Candles…

Sure sure, the main candle season might be over, but keep them around! Not only do they bring the coziest feeling into your home, you can also splurge on a springy scent to freshen up your rooms! Think anything with Peony, Jasmine or Gardenia!

Winter to Spring Decor Ideas / House of Menig

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And that’s it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed these Winter to Spring decor ideas and start filling your home with some early Spring colors ๐Ÿ™‚